Life evolving topics with Dr. Woods

Join us and listen to the edutainment skills of Kwaku L.C. Woods RN, M.D.MetD1.
Dr. Woods is the host of Humanity 3.0 on and will discuss Trivalent Understanding, as well as other life evolving topics.What an education we received from Dr. L. C. Woods! He was speaking about mind, body, & SPIRIT connection and much more! Please listen up by clicking here and learn more for yourself.


Author of Doors of Light and host of Awaken The Healing, Reclaim Your Life!

This Saturday Feb 6 @12 pm EST, we welcomed to the studio, the very special guest, Trenayce Talbert. She is the author of Doors of Light and host of Awaken The Healing, Reclaim Your Life! You will certainly feel more ‘awake’ after listening! This show is one you definitely want to replay! Thank you for sharing some of your truth, knowledge, and insight with us. Click here and Listen!

Online Classes Available: or visit website

How limiting beliefs affect our lives & how to acquire wealth into all aspects of our lives!

Join us as our studio guest, Life Coach- Larry Haley, will share his knowledge about the importance and benefits of a healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit. We will discuss how limiting beliefs may affect our lives and how to identify them, accept them, and release them! This show has some great advice as to how to acquire wealth, into all aspects of our lives! Listen, like, and share- thanks for your support! Click here and Listen!