How to renew in month of May

It’s May …

When I think of Spring I ponder the thoughts of hope, renewed energy, and growth. I feel lighter along with those thoughts. I am downloaded with ideas and have a feeling of vitality! What I noticed in the past is after a month or so, things began to stagnate. I observed that trend with most people around me as well. Repeated cycles. So i found these few practices help to keep the momentum flowing throughout the season!
* Spend at least an hour a week in nature, in particular, meadows and near water.
 Spring is a time to plant seeds both literally and figuratively. When you have creative thoughts and ideas, write them down. Include the inspiration behind them and details of how you feel. This way, if you need to in future, you can tap into the powerful energy you need to help them blossom!
* Eat high vibrational foods! Think colorful and light. There are particular foods and nutrients that better serve you and your chakras in the spring compared to other seasons. Part of that is energetic compatibility, body type, and phase of life.
* Exercise! Spring is a great time for more free flowing activities like swimming, yoga, and walking. I have found even weight bearing activity is important to continue with, especially for women, in order to keep grounded.
* Meditate. As if you haven’t heard it enough :). Light a candle when able, and reflect on your inner light. Ponder all the positive aspects of your life. Envision the possibilities that are endless, and the growth that will occur in your future if you keep your intentions bright!
Let this be the month you look for every pleasure you deserve. Let this be the time you expand and flourish. Breathe in the freshness of spring and stay centered in your truth. The best is yet to come and joy is here with you now!
All my best. In light…

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